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Hotel Dreamland Puri, 4.5 km from Railway Station provides an unique resort experience. It has 39 elegant rooms. Jagannath Puri or Purusottama Puri (approximately 1 and a half hours or 60 km from Bhubaneswar by bus (about ₹ 130), about 2 hours by train) is a pilgrimage seaside town with the famous temple of Lord Jagannath (means Lord of the Universe) and is a major tourist destination with all its beautiful and pleasant sights. There are many hotels; most overseas tourists like to stay near to the beach. The Sun temple at Konarak is also nearby. If you go to Puri by road from Bhubaneswar you will have to pass Pipli, a beautiful place with its beautiful applique handicrafts, worth a look. The Puri sea beach is a major attraction with its fantastic sea face view and golden sand, the water is a bit rough (which is good if you like to surf).

Many Cultural activities are held in Puri which attracts huge number of tourists every year. Puri witnesses 24 festivals every year, of which 13 are major. The most important of these is the Ratha Yatra or the car festival, held in the June–July, which is attended by more than 1 million people. The Puri Beach Festival held from 5 to 9 November every year, and the Shreekshetra Utsav held from 20 December to 2 January every year. The cultural activity programmes include beautiful and unique sand arts, handicraft festivals & food festival. In addition to this cultural programmes are held for two hours on every second Saturday of the month at the district Collector’s Conference Hall near Sea Beach Police Station where the Odissi dance, music and folk dances are a major part.
Locals in Puri speak Odiya. Due to the presence of people from various parts of India, there would not be a language problem for people who speak any major Indian language. Hindi is also widely used. Some locals even speak Bengali.
The Jagannath Temple, Puri, is one of the four dhams i.e. four most sacred pilgrimage places of Hindus. Constructed in 11th century and is the starting point of the world famous Rath Yatra held in July.  The temple complex is huge and has some very interesting stories associated, priests or pandas are generally the ones who conduct the non Oriya people around and generally mention all these stories although they can demand exorbitant amounts; bring it down to something reasonable.

Tourist Attractions

The fine white sands of Puri beach and the roar of the breakers rolling in from the Bay of Bengal have fascinated visitors throughout the years. The local fishermen, with their catamarans and wide-brimmed cane hats, are also expert masseurs. With excellent hotels and guesthouses, the Puri beach is an ideal holiday spot.

Best Time to visit

The famous Rath Yatra or the Car Festival is held every year as a part of the festival of the great Jagannath temple; it draws good number of pilgrims from all over the world. The yatra forms an integral part of the India images. India images since times immemorial have depicted devotees.

Dreamland Amenities

Rooms Available (38 Rooms)


  • 2200/-+ 12 % GST

  • AC

  • CP

Economy (4BD)

  • 3100/-+ 18 % GST

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Executive (Gr.Fl.)

  • 2800/-+ 18 % GST

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Hotel Rules

  • In double-beded room only two adult and a child below 8 years allowed.
  • All Taxes are applicable as per Govt. rules.
  • No out station food is accepted.
  • A.C. will not be provided at the time of power failure at Puri.
  • Extra Pax Rs.600/- +18% tax on total room bill
  • Tax will be applicable on total tariff

Check in time -9 a.m. morning

check out time-7 a.m.

    Cancellation Policy:

    • Whether one booking has done 30% compulsory deduction on total tariff.
    • From 2nd to 15 days before the date of check-in 40% deduction on total tariff,
    • One day before the date of check-in 50% deduction on total tariff,
    • Spot cancellation 100% on the room rent (after check-in)

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